Fruit Juice Drink or Nectar in the specially shaped bottle with a cavity where is a licensed toy or another premium in the typical yellow capsule.

Surprise water

Natural Mineral Water for kids
with a high-quality 3D toy with each bottle (300ml)

Drink & Play

Sparkling Vitamin Water with typical Energy Drink Flavour but WITHOUT  questionable boosters like caffeine, taurine, etc.
No added sugar, enriched with vitamins.

Our story


In 2006, inventor and current CEO of Surprise Drinks, engineer Pavel Dlouhy, developed a patented system of a drinkable beverage in a bottle with a toy hidden in a capsule attached to the bottle (Drink&PlayTM).  Dlouhy’s inspiration for the Drink&Play patented bottle was the vision of his wife who was pregnant at the time with their first child. 

Surprise Drinks company was created in 2009 as the joint venture between the inventor of the concept - Dlouhy and experienced investors from the Netherlands and USA of which some are former executives of Coca Cola, Heineken, Nestlé, etc.  This partnership lead to distribution in most of the European countries, as well as the USA, Australia, South Africa, Russia, and many others. Surprise Drinks is a proud supplier of the leading retailers in the USA (Walmart), Poland (Biedronka), Switzerland (Migros), Australia (Caltex), Ukraine (ATB Market), Lidl (Czech&Slovakia) and many others.

Selected customers from the world

Dlouhy approached the Walt Disney Company very soon after his Surprise Drinks company was created and his bottling plant was up and running.  The Walt Disney Company granted first licenses for Surprise Drinks in Europe.  The heritage Disney brands along with all the up and coming licenses associated with Disney have elevated Surprise Drinks to one of the top-selling children’s beverages in Europe.  At present Surprise Drinks company collaborates with practically all big licensors – film and toy companies – next to Walt Disney also Viacom (Nickelodeon), Universal Studios, Hasbro, Marvel, Sony, etc.

Our Licensing partners

In collaboration with licensing partners we are able to offer our products with the licenses of children’s popular characters which they are very familiar with.

Licensed Brands

The production for Surprise Drinks is organized in cooperation with professional co-packers (bottlers) equipped with state-of-art aseptic production lines which allows making high-quality beverages, free of chemical preservatives, flavours, colours or sweeteners. All the plants are certified on the highest standards for food production - HACCP, BRC, IFS, etc.



Our mission is to create products that combine nutritional value with great taste and fancy feature in hidden toy



Have to be convinced

  • Natural

    *  Made from natural spring water

    *  No preservatives or citric acid

    *  No artificial colors or flavors

    *  Naturally sweetened

  • Healthy

    *  No added sugar

    *  Low calories

    *  Enriched with vitamins


Have to be inspired

  • Fun

    *  Popular children's brands

    *  Every bottle has a toy

    *  Toys are collectible

    * Appealing labels

  • Functional

    *  Sports cap for easy drinking and less spills

    *  Easy hold bottle

    *  Popular flavours children will love

FLAVOURS & Nutrition facts

Since water is an essential part of a child’s growing body, our mission is to give children a drink that has healthy ingredients and can also be fun! Surprise Drink is an exceptional product that fulfills the strictest criteria on healthy beverage  The main component of our drinks is spring water which is a great source of minerals. We selected the most popular children's flavours which we adapted to modern nutritional profiled beverages. 

All flavoures we produce are made without chemical preservatives or any other artificial ingredients. Our drinks have less calories than market standards and we achieve that in a natural way. We use fruit juices as (next to the spring water) the main component and enrich that with vitamins. Fruit juice content in our drinks is between 20% up to 65% as for the Orange/Mandarine nectars.


We stand by 5 principles during the development and production of our toys to ensure the safety of our toys for children over the age of 3. 

against local (EU/US) legislation
by accredited 3rd party approved by

in factories approved by Walt Disney, Hasbro, etc.

Children‘s Product Certificate issued for each kind of toy



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